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About me

As a teenager I was fortunate enough to be scouted and play for Watford FC. But unfortunately I suffered with osgood-schlatters in both knees which brought my potential career in football to an end.  


After a period of travelling and working around Australia and Asia I returned to the UK to study as a Personal Trainer and Life Coach with Premier Training International and Results Coaching Systems respectively. With over 19 years experience in the health and fitness industry I soon realised that combining my skills, knowledge and experience as a trainer, coach and student of philosophy was, and is the most effective way forward. 

At the age of 43 I had a total hip replacement after years of competitive sports and activities. Following a successful operation and rehabilitation, I've made a full recovery using aspects of the Egoscue Method and now enjoy pain free exercise.


"Attend the moment, learn from the past and plan your future"

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