Life Coaching

Life Coaching will enrich all aspects of your life, giving you greater awareness, clarity and understanding. This is the springboard to a higher level of purpose, belief and being. Coaching will also help you to centre your attention while offering a fresh perspective and a new approach for today, tomorrow and the future. As a coach, I will help you create a clear and inspiring plan on how to best move forward in achieving your personal goals. 


My tailored coaching sessions have been specifically designed to help inspire positive thinking, behaviour and results. 

Life Coaching sessions are in person and always in confidence. They typically take place in the privacy of your own home.  

Life Coaching Program £200 

Session 1 approx. 75mins

  • Self Assessment

  • Personal Wellbeing Score 

  • One to one Coaching 

  • Goal Setting + Action Plan  

Session 2 approx. 75mins

  • One to one Coaching

  • Action Plan Review + Refresh

Session 3 approx. 15mins 

  • Telephone Review (8 weeks)

Life Coaching Session £80

Session 1 approx. 60mins

  • Self Assessment

  • Personal Wellbeing Score 

  • One to one Coaching  

  • Goal Setting + Action Plan

Session 2 approx. 15mins 

  • Telephone Review (4 weeks)

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