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Beate | Training

"I was looking to boost my energy and get back in shape after a far too long period of craziness called „Covid“, lockdown, relocating to the UK and settling into my new life and job. Working with Kyle has made such a difference to my well-being , physical and mental heath. The early session are a perfect start to a busy day, motivating, energizing, fun and I learned a lot about how to train more effective.  No back pain anymore, knees are doing fine, mobility improved and  at my lowest HCP ever" :-)

Tommy's Pic.jpg

Tommy | Training

"I’ve been training with Kyle for around 9 months, including Zoom Sessions during the most recent lockdown. He’s helped me to build up my fitness and I’ve seen some great results in terms of my energy levels and well being. He has provided a challenging and tailored program to suit my goals. Kyle is personable, articulate, and very well organised. I would recommend him without hesitation"


Amanda | Training

"Kyle being available for on-line sessions has been one of the best things I have done to endure lockdown. He is so knowledgeable and patient, skilled at reading my motivation and capabilities, he strikes a great blend of theory and practice, whilst delivering a pacey session with variety and purpose. I have been training with Kyle off and on for many years, and I think this short, focussed, dedicated and undistracted training is the best yet. It suits me perfectly, and the results we are getting are very rewarding. I come away from our sessions feeling energised, focussed and ready to face the world"

John Butcher.JPG

John | Training

"Kyle has helped me free up my shoulders and improve my golf swing. The only bad news is my golfing friends keep calling me "Bandito" Highly recommended if you want to improve your golf"

James Gedling copy.JPG

James | Training

"Kyle is an inspirational trainer who challenges you, supports you and helps you get great results. Highly recommended" 

Mark Trepte.jpg

Mark | Training | Coaching

"I have enjoyed fitness training with Kyle for over 5 years, he has always been creative in keeping sessions interesting, whilst being adaptive to any issue that might arise. It was these qualities that encouraged me to take a Personal Wellbeing course with Kyle. 


As a busy company director working long hours, both in the office and at home, my work life balance was out of the window! So over the 5 weekly sessions of the course, Kyle challenged my thinking and encouraged me to reflect on the right things, rather than the wrong things! By setting aside the time for our meetings, he gave me the time to think and evaluate. The course cannot change you, you have to do that for yourself! But it gave me time to think and a tool kit to use and fall back on when required.

I highly recommend Kyle, both as a personal trainer and life coach"


Kulbir | Training

“I’m not a naturally sporty person and what strikes me about working with Kyle is his ability to make a work out such a great experience. This reflects his depth of experience both in understanding people and physical well being. He keeps me engaged in my program by always introducing new ways of working out. In addition he provides me with sound and practical support on balancing health and a buy work schedule. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kyle to anyone”


Anthony | Coaching

"Kyle is excellent at what he does - he takes time time and has the skills to listen effectively to your specific needs and fully supports you in developing and achieving your goals. Highly recommended" 

Rod 1.JPG

Rod | Training 

"I’ve used The Goal Smith for over 2 years to provide personal training. This wasn't as a result of desperation, but more that I was looking for my training to be more effective and help with some modest weight loss. As my goals have changed over time, the training has been adapted accordingly, with regular reviews of my objectives and what I want to achieve. The results have been very positive and Kyle has proven to be a very engaging and attentive personal trainer and coach who I'd be more than happy to recommend"

Aaron Burton.jpg

Aaron | Coaching

"I really found my one on one session with Kyle very beneficial. The small bit sized chunks we agreed to work on and focus towards are really starting to make an all round impact on my wellbeing. I’d highly recommend having a session with Kyle if you want to focus on your personal development"


Lawrence | Training

"Kyle makes losing weight very easy - I have been training with him for 4 months and have lost over 20 kilograms. I would recommend The Goal Smith to everyone who wants to get great results"

Jo .jpg

Jo | Training

"Having reached a real rut in my exercise / work out programme, Kyle has been a real breath of fresh air in re-energising my attitude to health, fitness and nutrition. He has helped me set realistic goals and our weekly PT sessions are always challenging, interactive, varied and fun. I feel stronger, fitter and more motivated which happily has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life”

Ben Willcox.JPG

Ben | Training

"Kyle  has a unique skill; to set you at ease, giving credibility to your own Individual ambitions and challenges. He works with you, fully supporting and driving you towards your particular goal. Kyle is human and understands imperfection is normal; a rare thing amongst those who help us strive for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" 

Moira .jpg

Moira | Training

"Kyle is a great choice to help you reach your personal lifestyle and fitness goals. He is invaluable to anyone wanting to achieve and/or a healthier way of life"


Megan | Coaching

"Small issues in daily life can build up until they waste time and energy. I find that Kyle's coaching style allows me to step back and consider solutions and new approaches. His well timed questions bring me new insights that help me perform better professionally and realign work/life to match my values"


Richard | Training

"My health and wellbeing has definitely benefited from Kyle's expertise and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services"


Ann | Training

"My leg isn't hurting me anymore after your stretching. I can't believe it as it was hurting every time I stood up or got out of bed. It had been really bothering me for months. Many many thanks"


Stephen | Training

“I’ve been training with Kyle for nearly 11 years. What keeps me engaged with fitness goals is his flexibility and positive approach. We jointly focus on areas of concern, and work around issues like back flexibility with custom exercises. His attention to detail and positive attitude makes working out fun. It’s still a challenge but I’m always motivated to turn up, commit to the session and try to keep healthy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kyle to anyone looking to increase their health, fitness and wellbeing” 

John 1.jpg

John | Training

“I have worked with Kyle for a number of years; he's an excellent trainer. First class. Very knowledgable, versatile and enthusiastic. Kyle is always looking to make the sessions fun and varied. I highly recommend him" 

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